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Choosing an Brush Rake? We created this guide so you can find the best Brush Rakes on the market.

We’ve analyzed all of the Brush Rakes on the market, looking at reviews, cost, ease of purchase, and many other factors.

Thus, we have compiled a ranking of the best Brush Rakes.

Brush Rake

What is Brush Rake?

A special attachment for mini loaders and tractors that is used to move heavy objects such as a large log, hay bale or rocks, among other things.

Municipal vehicles typically use tractor grabs for trash and storm removal, tree service, and timber handling.

Brush Rake: In a nutshell

  • This useful attachment tool is essential for farmers, builders, and construction workers, as well as ranchers and homeowners with a large wooded area.
  • These are powerful tools designed to handle a range of tasks, saving you from cumbersome work.
  • Tractor grapples are ideal for handling and sorting logs.

Grapples For Tractor Loaders

A wide range of attachments is available for tractors and skid steer tractors. But we distinguish three types in our review:

Root Grapple

Depending on the type of action, root grapples are the most common among other similar equipment. This is because it is the most economical method of transportation. In addition, in most cases landowners already have a tractor. Root grapples are the most popular for compact tractors. They are often used to transport branches that have been broken off or cut from trees. The Root Grapple with two top clamps is an excellent choice for irregularly shaped loads because they are clamped individually.

Root Grapples distinguishing feature is the presence of two caps, each of which can be used independently. If one cap reaches that end and then ends, the other handle cap can be lowered to the opposite end to provide an even load. There is a one-of-a-kind top that exactly matches the bottom. Nevertheless, accepting the possibility that uneven loads cannot be handled by a double-cap clamp would be helpful.

Root Rake Grapple

Root Rake Grapples does not have a lattice floor like Root grapples. It has stronger shanks with scarifier ends of teeth suitable for ground contact. The ends are heavy and replaceable. They are great for breaking up reasonably sized roots and are suitable for clearing earth, broken or surface only, as well as picking up roots, branches and debris.

Tweezers don’t hold as firmly to the floor as a root ball grapple. It has thicker shafts with helical tips or teeth that are ideal for excavation work. The ends are bulky and can be replaced. Scarifier tines, or tines, are sturdier and suitable for fieldwork.

They are great for breaking out large roots and clearing decomposed or surface soil, as well as picking up roots, branches and dirt.

Grapple Buckets

A grapple bucket is a form of root-catcher with a solid grid or low sides and a solid grid or bottom. The lid or lids are used to protect material that is more valuable than the bucket. Hard floor clamps are ideal for moving dirt and other debris while cleaning without spilling anything.

Hard Floor Grapples are ideal for moving dirt and other debris during cleaning without scattering the material. The Grapple Bucket, also known as the Scrap Grapple, is another version of the Root Grapple with some modifications.

It has a sturdy bottom and a low sidewall, allowing you to use a single or double lid to protect objects or items larger or more expansive than the bucket.

The grab sheath is a type of root catcher but has a strong bottom and low sides, so material can be secured with a lid or covers that are wider than the bucket.

Best Brush Rake

Titan Attachments Extreme Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake

Titan Attachments Extreme Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake 84"


  • Universal skid steer hookup.
  • The twin 3000 PSI cylinder enables your clam rake to have the lifting power you need.
  • This 84-inch Grapple Rake weighs 1,225-pounds and provides an opening height of 50-inches.


Overall Width 84-in. Teeth Thickness 0.5-in.
Opening Height 50-in. Finish Powder-Coated Black
Side Thickness 0.5-in. Material Durable Steel
Teeth Length 35.5-in. Product Weight 1,225 lb.

This 84-inch Grapple Rake attachment by Titan Attachments is ideal for picking up and moving rocks, logs, brush, debris, and other oddly shaped or hard-to-lift materials. The extra-wide opening of this rake-style grapple makes pushing and gripping large loads easy. Plus, the design allows this equipment to fit with almost all haulers, loaders, and tractors.

Titan Heavy-Duty Root Grapple Rake 72″

Titan Heavy-Duty Root Grapple Rake 72"


  • This root grapple rake comes equipped with cylinder back stoppers.
  • This grapple rake weighs approximately 700 lbs.
  • It has a width of 72″ with an opening height of 30″.
  • Twin 3000 PSI cylinder for smooth execution.
  • Universal skid steer hookup.

Titan Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake V2 84″

Titan Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake V2 84"


  • This grapple rake weighs approximately 855 lbs.
  • It has a width of 84″ with an opening height of 48″.
  • Universal skid steer hookup.
  • Twin 3000 PSI cylinder for smooth execution.

Titan Attachments Root Grapple Rake Attachment 84″

Titan Attachments Root Grapple Rake Attachment 84"


  • Compatibility: Fits John Deere loaders.
  • Made of thick HD steel that stands up to tough jobs.
  • Usage: Make short work of digging rocks, picking up brush, etc.

Titan 34″ Grapple Rake Attachment

Titan 34" Grapple Rake Attachment 


  • This attachment can be used with several makes and models of mini skid steers: Toro Dingo, Boxer, Ditch Witch, Thomas, Finn, Ramrod, Kanga, Powerhouse, and Prodigy.
  • It includes a set of two 3000 PSI cylinders, making it an incredibly efficient machine.
  • This attachment weighs approximately 295 lbs.
  • It has a width of 34 1/2″, which is useful for helping you get into tight places that a normal skid steer wouldnt have access to.

Brush Rake Buying Criteria

To match an attachment such as a grapple to your tractor, there are two important variables to consider.

  1. The hydraulic couplings on the grapple must match the couplings on your tractor.
  2. The attachment of the grapple must be compatible with the working end of your tractor.

Grapples must be strong to handle the tasks they perform. Sturdy steel pins are required, and reinforcing the underside of stronger mandibles will extend their lifespan.

What you should pay attention to before buying a grapple

Grapple Arms

Tractors usually have a single or double fork. So, which one should you choose? A double arm is best for lifting, handling, and removing uneven loads.

Nail clips, also known as nail coatings, form the top of the nail structure and hold the nail in place. Hand tweezers and root tweezers usually have one of two standard handle designs: single or double.

Single hand

Lever handles are usually lightweight, single-cylinder hydraulic designs designed for a smaller, more compact brush. Rugged single-arm handles are available to increase the power of a heavier, flatter brush.

However, both designs deal with bulky payloads.

  • The arm increases the grip fully or almost fully
  • Ideal for a more compact brush.
  • Not ideal for irregular loads such as branches or trunks.

Double Hand

Dual arms are the most common solution. Using two free arms allows you to apply the same amount of force to handle a bulky, uneven brush. This design is preferred for heavy bushes and root stems.

  • Two independent hydraulic clamps.
  • Great for large and irregular loads such as logs and branches.


Gripping tines support a load carried like a bucket, but without end plates or a hard floor. That way, the handle can easily support brush, sticks, and trunks and leave behind dirt, leaves, and other small debris.

Consider why the grapple is being used when considering the desired spacing of the tweezers. If you want to clear large objects such as logs, there should be plenty of space.

However, if you only have to work on smaller objects, we recommend placing the teeth closer together so that the nails can better hold the dirt.

  • Smaller spacing (3 to 5 inches) between your feet is better for hard residue.
  • There is an extra space of 10 to 20 inches, which makes it suitable for heavy use, such as a large wooden bar.
  • The space between (6-9) inches is great.


There are two options to consider when buying. The shell shaped handle is more suitable for picking up soil such as bushes, picking up loose rocks, etc.

Material and design

Grapples have to withstand heavy loads, so they are made of strong and durable materials to last a long time. Therefore, choose the nozzle according to the quality of the materials from which it is made and the construction.

Pay attention to the following features:

  • Tine yield strength
  • Reinforcements and steel type
  • Cylinder pins, cylinder rods, and wear parts

10 safety tips to follow when working with a mounted grapple

  1. Keep bystanders 50 feet away.
  2. Check for debris in the quick attachment area before each attachment.
  3. Make sure the grapple is properly mounted on the machine before starting work.
  4. When connecting hydraulic hoses, route them so that the hose is not pinched between the lifting arms and the grapple.
  5. Never attempt to lift a load in excess of the load capacity (attachment and load weight) of the forklift.
  6. Always release pressure before disconnecting hydraulic hoses.
  7. Never tamp piles with the jaws closed.
  8. Never clamp the chain to the grapple or bucket.
  9. Never use the grapple jaws for hooking and/or pulling.
  10. Material must be securely fastened before transporting.

Brush Rakes Price

Brush Rakes under $3500:

  • Titan Attachments Extreme Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake;
  • Titan Attachments Root Grapple Rake Attachment 84″;
  • Titan Skid Steer Root Grapple Rake V2 84″;
  • Titan Heavy-Duty Root Grapple Rake 72″.

Brush Rakes under $1600:

  • Titan 34″ Grapple Rake Attachment

FAQ about Grapples for Tractor

Can you put a grapple bucket on a tractor?

This is an easy and affordable way for compact and utility tractor owners to be outfitted with a grapple. This unit is recommended for 50 hp tractors and under. The grapple is easily removed while the mount stays in place.

Can you add a bucket to a tractor?

You can attach a loader to any tractor because the majority of loaders are compatible with all types of tractors. On the front of your tractor, you can mount a variety of other useful attachments.

Which is better root grapple or grapple rake?

While both the root rake and the grapple rake do similar jobs, the grapple rake is the more versatile of the two. The claw that allows the grapple rake to actually lift materials well above ground level is what distinguishes it from the root rake in functionality.

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