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Baseball field rake Rake

How to choose Baseball Field Rake for the right grooming playing surfaces?

Choosing a Baseball Field Rake? We created this guide, so you can find the best Baseball Field Rakes on the market.

We’ve analyzed all of the Baseball Field Rakes on the market, looking at reviews, cost, ease of purchase, and many other factors.

Thus, we have compiled a ranking of the best Baseball Field Rakes.

Field Rake Baseball and Softball

Best baseball field rake

When it comes to caring for a baseball or softball field, having the right equipment is very important.

Five popular field drag options are the BSN Big League Field Drag, Track Baseball Infield Drag, Adams Field Drag Mat, Beacon Athletics Infield Drag Mat, and BSN Sports Aluminum Field Maintenance Rake.

In this comparison chart, we’ll take an in-depth look at these products to help you make an informed decision.

Feature BSN Big League Field Drag Track Baseball Infield Drag Adams Field Drag Mat Beacon Athletics Infield Drag Mat BSN Sports Aluminum Field Maintenance Rake
Dimensions 6′ W x 18″ L 6′ W x 2.5′ L 4′ W x 2.5′ L 4′ W x 2.5′ L 36″ W x 3.5″ L
Drag Material Galvanized Steel Mesh Steel Mesh Galvanized Steel Mesh Steel Mesh Aluminum
Handle Material Steel Steel Steel Steel Aluminum
Weight 65 pounds 67 pounds 40 pounds 48 pounds 6 pounds
Additional Features 3-Section Design 2-Section Design Includes Pull Chain Multiple Grommet Holes for Hanging Curved Tines for Smoothing and Leveling

The BSN Big League Field Drag is a durable and effective way to care for the field. Its galvanized steel mesh material effectively smoothes out dirt, and its 3-section design makes it easy to store.

The Track Baseball Infield Drag has a similar design, with the 2-piece design making it easy to move around the field. Its steel mesh material also effectively smoothes out dirt.

The Adams Field Drag Mat is a lightweight option that includes a pull chain for easy dragging. Its galvanized steel mesh material is durable and effective.

The Beacon Athletics Infield Drag Mat is another galvanized steel mesh option, but it has several slotted holes for easy hanging and storage.

Finally, the BSN Sports aluminum field grooming rake stands out for its lightweight aluminum construction, making it easy to maneuver around the field. Its curved tines are designed for smoothing and leveling, making it a great option for field maintenance.

In conclusion, the BSN Big League Field Drag, Track Baseball Infield Drag, Adams Field Drag Mat, Beacon Athletics Infield Drag Mat and BSN Sports Aluminum Field Maintenance Rake have unique features that make them suitable for different field maintenance needs.

Consider the size and shape of your field, the type of drag material you prefer, and any additional features that may be important to you when choosing the right one.

Best rake for a baseball field

BSN Sports Big League Field Drag

BSN Big League Field Drag


  • Designed to break up dirt or cinders on the Baseball field or track.
  • Features forty-size 4-1/2″ teeth staggered with 3″ gaps.
  • Frame is hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  • With sharpened and hardened steel cutting teeth down, it tears up the dirt.
  • This field drag will Condition a 6″w path in one pass.

BSN Sports Aluminum Maintenance Rake

BSN Sports Aluminum Maintenance Rake


  • Use to keep the infield dirt on the baseball or softball field in playing condition.
  • Long 58″ handle makes it easy to rake the dirt without straining your back.
  • Oversize teeth can easily rake through the dirt and disperse clumps.
  • Smooth side of the rake allows the dirt to be leveled to an even surface.

Track Emporium Track & Field 24″ Pit Rake

‎Track Emporium Track & Field Rake


  • A great choice for all playing surfaces. Baseball softball track & field even golf sandpits.
  • Sturdy. Aluminum. Won’t rust.
  • One side has long sturdy teeth to break up uneven surfaces. The other side is for grooming and leveling playing surfaces.

Trigon Sports Field / Aggregate Rake

Trigon Sports Field/Aggregate Rake


  • Perfect for every level of sports.
  • All aluminum construction designed.
  • Use durable & lightweight with over-sized teeth for easy field grooming.
  • Use one side to rake & the other side to level.

Adams Field Rake Baseball and Softball Field Equipment

Adams Field Rake Baseball and Softball Field Equipment


  • Great for Baseball/Softball maintenance.
  • Must-have for coaches and referees for field equipment.
  • Large grading edge and rounded teeth for field maintenance.
  • One side rakes, the other side levels field.
  • Metal construction for durability.

Eastern Atlantic Baseball & Softball Infield Drag Mat

Eastern Atlantic Baseball & Softball Infield Drag Mat


  • All steel construction.
  • 6″ Wide by 2″ Deep.
  • Easily pulled by a tractor or all terrain vehicle.
  • Comes with drag strap attachement.

What are Baseball Field Rakes?

This is a field rake that can handle any job, such as breaking up hard clay or muddy areas, as well as leveling the ground.

A baseball field rake is an important tool for gardeners. Removing trophies or removing rocks and stones not only keeps your homestead area looking great but also makes it more playable and protects it from bad bounces.

Baseball field rake: In a nutshell

  • To get the baseball field in perfect condition and for the players to feel safe, you must have a baseball field rake.

Uses for a Field Rake

Field rakes are metal rakes with hard tines.

Leveling the soil

A landscape rake can help level the soil. Leveling the soil is important when planting a large patch of grass, such as in a park or on a sports field.

Soil Preparation

Field rakes are often used to break up clumps of soil that can interfere with seeding and planting. Repeated raking breaks up large clumps of soil into smaller clumps.

Debris removal

A field rake will help remove debris from the site. It is good to clean the ground from fallen branches, pine needles, pulled weeds.

Removing pond weed

Field rakes can be used in ponds and lakes to remove algae and other aquatic plant material.

Spreading gravel and rocks

Field rakes are designed to move heavy ground cover such as gravel. Field rakes are typically strong enough to move harder materials such as rocks and gravel.

How to choose a Baseball Infield rake?

A rake is a tool that is simple in design and operation.

This equipment makes hard work, including lawn and garden cleaning, much easier. For many decades, rakes have been the most popular device to use.

The rake consists of two elements:

  • Lever;
  • Ridge with tines.

We all know that rakes are important. There are many rakes you can use. A rake on the homestead can be used before and after practice or games to brush off spike marks and notches, knock down high spots and drag material to low spots – usually field position areas and slip areas. Use the short tines for breaking up tightly tamped clay and the long tines for regular raking and wet clay. Some people prefer a straight edge on one side rather than tines on both sides.

Usually, there are no problems with its choice. Nevertheless, a few simple tips can still help you:

Manufacturers use various materials to produce the ridge, and this element acts as a decisive thing in price in the majority of cases.

  1. Galvanized Iron. This type of ribbed rake is always inexpensive, but the product is more prone to rapid deformation and heaviness.
  2. Hardened steel. Advantages – long service life. Disadvantages – large weight, high price range.
  3. Hardened aluminum. These products are lightweight and have a reasonable price.

Steel and galvanized tools are considered the most durable. For work on a large territory, it is more effective to use wide models, and for flower beds, a narrow grip is in preference.

Baseball Infield rake Buying Criteria

Head Width

The best head width for a rake will depend on where you need to use it. For example, leveling soil on a baseball field will take less time if the rake has a wide head.


Rakes should be heavy enough for you to perform your tasks, but light enough that you can hold them comfortably. Rakes designed for heavier jobs will often be relatively heavy because they need to be sturdy. The materials from which the rake is made affect its overall weight. Steel parts mean that a rake can be quite heavy. Aluminum will be lighter but weaker than steel. Most rakes have the head and handle made of different materials. You may want a rake with a fairly strong head but a lighter handle, depending on the tasks you will be using it for and how strong the rake needs to be.

Field Maintenance Tips: How To Drag A Baseball And Softball Infield

You must show your efforts by regularly taking care of your baseball or softball field to eventually have a smooth and playable baseball field all season long.

Therefore, proper field maintenance is important not only because it will increase the quality of play: fewer bad bounces. It will also reduce the risk of injuries caused by falls/trips due to an uneven playing surface.


Maintenance of the field begins with regular leveling.The most important aspect of homestead maintenance is the cleaning of the pitcher’s bases, plates, and mound at the conclusion of each game and especially after each practice or game.

The field should be leveled after each game. Immediately after the game, make sure you scan the baseball field to check for irregularities.  For tiny regions, you can use a leveling rake. Make sure you work on the area by raking the material off the elevation and then placing it on the low level. If the area is dry, make sure you moisten the area you just leveled and then tamp it down to keep it in place. Large maintenance jobs in the field require the use of a leveling tool from a self-propelled mower or tractor.


This action prepares your homestead for play, giving it a nice and finished look. This action should only be performed after you have finished leveling.

For a perfect grooming result, follow these steps:

  • Start by removing the bases, then fill the holes with a rubber plug.
  • Take a nail and then “scarify” the field, which helps break up the compacted materials around
  • Then finish cleaning the field with a broom.
  • Once you’re a few feet away from the grass in the far-field, pick up the pull and then shake it to remove the excess field mix.
  • Once you’ve done this, take a rake and smooth out the lint left by the drag.
  • Finally, trim the base paths with a hand rake.

Always rake the baseline toward the base or house parallel to the edges, never rake toward the grass on the homestead. Raking toward the edges will produce edges that will affect the rotation of the ball and cause a natural dam, which in turn will retain water.

Things To Avoid While Grooming

  • Never use grass grooming equipment.
  • Never use a mat about two feet from the edge of the grass, as this can cause sponges to form.
  • Never use a drag mat near a home plate.
  • Never try to drag base paths if there is grass on the homestead. It is better to use a rake.

Offseason upkeep

If you live in an area with cold winters, you may wonder what you should do with the infield surface during the offseason.

When fields are not in use, it is best to level, roll the surface and leave it alon. Loosening the top material by grooming creates a situation where rain and wind can more easily displace the infield mix.

With these field maintenance tips, you’ll have your field performing and looking its best all season.

My experience choosing a rake to level a baseball field

The BSN Sports Big League Field Drag is a highly rated option among baseball rakes. It is 6 feet wide and 18 inches long, making it the perfect choice for grooming a baseball or softball field. The galvanized steel mesh material of the rake is highly durable and efficient at leveling dirt and other debris. In addition, the 3-piece design makes it easy to store and transport.

The Trigon Sports Field Rake is another popular choice for maintaining baseball fields. They are 36 inches wide and are designed to quickly and efficiently level dirt and gravel on any size field. The aluminum construction of the Trigon Sports Field Rake makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver around the field. In addition, the curved tines are designed to level and smooth the playing surface.

When choosing between the BSN Sports Big League Field Drag and the Trigon Sports Field Rake, it is important to consider your specific field maintenance needs. The BSN Sports Big League Field Drag is a larger option that may be better suited for larger fields, while the Trigon Sports Field Rake is a lighter and more maneuverable option. In addition, the choice of drag material and handle material can also be important factors to consider. Ultimately, the best choice between these two options will depend on your specific preferences and field care requirements.

How much do they cost Baseball Rakes?

The cost of a baseball rake can vary depending on the specific brand, model, and seller.

  • Generally, basic baseball rakes cost anywhere from $20 to $50, with more powerful options ranging from $50 to $150 and up. For example, the BSN Sports Big League Field Drag typically costs $190 to $220 and the Trigon Sports Field Rake costs $90 to $120.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that factors such as shipping and handling costs, as well as any additional features or accessories included with the rake, can affect the price.

When shopping for a baseball rake, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Baseball and Softball Field Equipment Rake Price:

Field Drag under $600:

  • BSN Sports Big League Field Drag.

Baseball & Softball Infield Drag Mat under $200:

  • Eastern Atlantic Baseball & Softball Infield Drag Mat.

Baseball Field Rake under $150:

Adams Field Rake Baseball and Softball Field Equipment;

Trigon Sports Field/Aggregate Rake.

Baseball Field Rake under $100:

  • BSN Sports Aluminum Maintenance Rake;
  • Track Emporium Track & Field Pit rake.

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By referring to these and other reputable sources, you can get a deeper understanding of the features and factors to consider when choosing the best baseball rake for your needs.

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