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Sports turf: description, mix composition and characteristics

When the time comes to equip the homestead plot, many people think about a beautiful, well-groomed lawn. Only a few of them know that the usual green, the neatly trimmed lawn is suitable, except only for admiring them.

It’s not designed for you to run and jump on it or play soccer. If you plan an active recreation out of town in the summer, it is better to take care of that coating that was athletic. You can use such a coating not only on sports grounds. It can be a cottage, a country cottage, a private residence.

What is a sports lawn?

Lawns are used on sports grounds, where lawn grass is used. This is a special sports grass, which has good resistance to mechanical stress.


There are different types of sports lawns:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis lawns
  • Playgrounds
  • Racetracks
  • Golf lawns

Sports lawn can be natural grass and artificial. If you do not have time to plant it, care for it, mow it, you can choose an artificial version. You can order a ready-made natural roll, which will greatly facilitate the process of growing, but it still requires constant care. Those who want to grow their own lawn sport should prepare for the fact that the process is not quick and involves several stages.


What varieties of grass are used for sports lawns?

You will need special sports grass, which can be purchased in stores or online. Depending on what the playground will be used for, a sports grass mixture with the appropriate composition is selected.

The composition may include the following plants:

  • soccer and tennis: meadow bluegrass, bentgrass, fescue;
  • playground: meadow fescue, meadow timothy, red clover, ryegrass;
  • golf: ryegrass;
  • racetrack: bentgrass, red fescue, and other low grasses.

What soil to use and when to sow?

It is important to follow the instructions when planting and growing. The first stage, which is one of the key – the preparation of the drainage layer. To do this, the top layer of soil is removed, geotextile is laid. On top of it is filled with crushed stone, and then with a subsoil cushion. It includes fine gravel and sand. The subsoil cushion is leveled and tamped.

grass drainage layer

The main soil is poured on top, which is also leveled. As a base, a substrate is prepared, including: peat, coarse sand, sod soil, humus and clay date. The soil should be leveled and left like this for a month, without sowing. During this time, weeds are sure to grow on it, which must be pulled out by the root.

Please note! Before planting, the soil should be loosened a little. Fertilizing will also not be superfluous

If a sports lawn is created, the seeds can be sown with special equipment. If it is not available, the sowing can be done independently, using an ordinary rake. The seeds are covered with a small layer of soil, after which the surface is slightly compacted. It is necessary to water every two days. The first mowing is done when the grass reaches a height of 5-6 inches.

Features of a sports lawn

Athletes put serious stress on the surface of the surface. Therefore, such high requirements are imposed on the lawn for sports. If we talk about professional sports lawns, depending on the site, different varieties of grass can be used, their concentration. For example, the grass for a soccer lawn is not sown evenly over the entire surface. In the goal area, where the loads are significantly higher, a double dose may be sown to make the coverage more stable and reliable.

If we talk about private villas and cottages, choose a grass mixture should be depending on what there will be engaged. Someone likes soccer, someone likes tennis, someone just the kids will run and jump all day long.

Lawn diseases and pests

The most common diseases are:

  • snow mold;
  • rust;
  • powdery mildew.

The main way to combat: pre-sowing treatment of seeds, as well as their fertilization later. Among the pests of sports lawns like: aphids, wireworms, and sandy bears. Fight them exclusively with the help of insecticides.


How to grow a beautiful sports lawn on your own?

If you follow the sowing instructions, the chances of growing a beautiful, well-groomed sports lawn are very high. There are a few tricks that allow you to do this. For example, in order to get rid of weeds, it is recommended to put newspapers on the base layer of soil.

On top, they are filled with a thin layer of store substrate with suitable composition, and then the seeds are sown. The newspaper will rot and disappear in a couple of weeks, but this time will be enough to prevent the growth of weeds whose seeds may have been in the main soil.

home ground

It is also recommended to mow, clean the lawn in a timely manner. This will significantly reduce the risks of pests and disease development.

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