Rake for Artificial Grass: How to choose and use


An artificial grass rake is commonly used to maintain and care for artificial grass surfaces. It is used to remove debris such as leaves, branches, and pet hair from the surface of artificial grass. A rake can be used to keep grass canopies upright, ensuring that they look natural.

Regular raking of artificial grass helps remove loose debris, preventing it from accumulating and keeping the grass clean and visually appealing.

Seasonal cleaning is very important, especially during periods of abundant foliage, such as fall. By using a rake to remove fallen leaves from artificial grass, the grass fibers are protected from possible damage caused by leaf decomposition.

The Best Rake for Artificial Grass

For work in the garden, a rake for artificial grass is an essential tool. When choosing a rake for artificial grass, you should pay attention not only to their type and features, but also to the quality of materials from which the product is made.

Looking for a rake for artificial grass? We can help you choose the right leaf rake. We will tell you about the features and tips on the proper use of rakes for artificial grass. Furthermore, we have also collected the best rakes for artificial grass and rated them based on customer feedback.

What is a rake for artificial grass?

Rake for artificial grass can be used not only to clean up the artificial turf but also to clean pet hair from carpets. In addition, some rake artificial grass can use even installs artificial turf.

Known as an artificial turf rake or astroturf brush, the rubber bristles will not mark or damage your lawn. Hundreds of rubber bristles on the brush head work together to sweep and clean up any debris that has ended up on your grass. Artificial turf is extremely simple and quick to maintain, which, unlike natural grass, requires no care other than cleaning and brushing. You can supplement raking with water, it will help you remove dirt or debris more easily. There are rakes just for artificial grass, with them, you can rake in different directions if the lawn is very trampled.

In a nutshell

  • Rake for artificial grass can be used not only to clean up the leaves and debris on outdoor artificial turf broom grass, also can be used to clean pet or human hairs from carpets.
  • There are 3 different types of rakes for artificial grass, which can be categorized as follows: stainless steel rakes for artificial grass, plastic rakes for artificial grass, and electric rakes for artificial grass.
  • Important that the length and width of the rake match your height and strength. Larger and wider rakes require more power than smaller, narrower models.

Best Artificial Grass Rake

Best Choice: Grandi Groom Rake for Synthetic Grass

Grandi Groom Rake for Synthetic Grass


The Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake is a tool designed to effectively lift and remove deeply embedded soil particles and pet hair from carpets. It features an 18-inch wide head, allowing for quick coverage of large areas and reducing the time required to clean a room.

One of the key benefits of using the Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake is that it helps restore the carpet’s appearance to a “like new” state. By using the rake, you can restructure the original design of the carpet, bringing back its resilient effect and improving its overall look.

To maximize its effectiveness, the carpet rake can be used both before and after vacuuming. Before vacuuming, employ a “push-pull” method with the rake to raise trapped-in dirt and loosen embedded hair, making it easier to remove during the vacuuming process.

After vacuuming, you can once again use the “push-pull” method to lift the carpet pile and eliminate vacuum track marks, leaving the carpet looking freshly cleaned. Additionally, the rake can be used to remove pet hair from both carpets and furniture, helping to keep your living spaces free of pet dander.

Grandi Groom AB24 Carpet Rake is a versatile tool that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your carpet cleaning routine.


  • 18-inch head.
  • For simultaneously loosen and lift deeply embedded soil particles and pet hair.

What types of Rake for Artificial Grass and Which One is Right for You?

When buying a rake for artificial grass, you have three options to choose from:

  • Steel rakes for artificial grass.
  • Plastic rakes for artificial grass
  • Electric rakes for artificial grass.
    rake artificial grass

Best Artificial Grass Rake

Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Rake

Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Rake

The Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Rake is a specialized tool designed for maintaining and cleaning artificial turf surfaces. Here are some key features and details about the rake:

Brush Head Size: The brush head of the rake measures 45.5x15cm, providing a wide coverage area for efficient cleaning of the artificial turf.

Adjustable Telescopic Handle: The rake comes with an adjustable telescopic handle that can be extended from 68.5cm to 122cm. You can fix the desired length by turning it in the opposite direction, allowing for customizable use based on your preference and needs.

Material: The rake is constructed with a powder-coated iron tube and features a durable nylon brush head. This combination of materials ensures the rake’s sturdiness and longevity, making it suitable for regular use.

Teeth Length: The rake’s plastic teeth have a length of 3.5cm. These teeth serve a dual purpose. They can effectively clean artificial turf surfaces by removing debris and maintaining the turf’s appearance. Additionally, the teeth can also be used to clean pet hair from carpets, providing versatility in its application.

Packing: The Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Rake is packaged in a color box, ensuring its safe and secure transportation and storage.

Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Rake offers a convenient and effective solution for maintaining and cleaning artificial turf surfaces. Its adjustable handle, durable construction, and versatile teeth make it a reliable tool for keeping your artificial turf and carpets in excellent condition.


  • Adjustable Telescopic Handle length: 27″-48″.
  • Material: Powder-coated iron tube with durable nylon brush head.

TurFresh TurfGroomer Mini Blooming and Decompacting Tool for Artificial Grass

TurFresh TurfGroomer Mini Blooming and Decompacting Tool for Artificial Grass

The TurFresh TurfGroomer Mini is a blooming and decompacting tool designed specifically for artificial grass maintenance. Here are the key features and benefits of this tool:

Refresh and Remove Debris: The TurfGroomer Mini allows you to refresh your artificial grass by effectively removing stubborn debris that may be stuck on your lawn. This includes pet hair, pine needles, leaves, and other types of debris that can prevent your fake grass from looking its best.

Deep Penetrating Bristles: The tool features deep penetrating bristles that help de-compact your turf, giving it a clean and fresh appearance. By using the TurfGroomer Mini, you can restore the resilience and aesthetic appeal of your artificial grass.

Easy-to-Use and Store: This tool is designed for easy do-it-yourself turf care. It comes with simple assembly instructions and can be conveniently stored in a box when not in use. The easy plug adaptor provides a quick power connection, making it hassle-free to operate.

Suitable for Small to Medium Yards: The TurfGroomer Mini is ideal for maintaining artificial turf yards that are between 50-200 square feet in size. It is a handy yard tool that can be plugged in and used by working back and forth across the artificial grass fibers to renew the landscape.

Electric Turf Grooming: This tool operates on electricity, eliminating the need for manual effort. It makes artificial lawn maintenance a breeze, even in yards with active pets and seasonal debris. By using the TurfGroomer Mini, you can easily prolong the beauty of your artificial grass.

TurFresh TurfGroomer Mini is an electric grooming tool designed for the care and maintenance of artificial grass. Its deep penetrating bristles, easy-to-use design, and efficient debris removal capabilities make it an excellent choice for keeping your artificial lawn looking its best.


  • Deep penetrating bristles help de-compact your turf for a clean.
  • For removing pet hair, pine needles, leaves, and other debris.

Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Telescopic Rake Grass

Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Telescopic Rake Grass

The Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Telescopic Rake Grass is a versatile tool designed for maintaining artificial turf and cleaning up debris. Here are the key features and details of this rake:

Brush Head Size and Telescopic Handle: The brush head of the rake measures 17.8 inches, providing a wide coverage area for efficient cleaning. The telescopic handle is adjustable and can be extended from 49 to 63 inches. This feature is particularly useful for tall individuals, ranging from 5ft to 7ft, allowing them to comfortably use the rake without straining their backs. The lightweight design further adds to the convenience of use.

Upgrade Extra Thicken Steel Pole: The rake features a 10% thicker iron tube with a powder-coated finish, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The sturdy construction of the pole enhances the rake’s strength and stability during use.

Widely Applicable: This rake is not only suitable for cleaning up leaves and debris on outdoor artificial turf but can also be used to remove pet or human hair from carpets. The quality nylon teeth on the rake are strong enough to effectively clean without causing damage to the grass or carpet.

Product Warranty: The manufacturer offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can reach out to them directly. They will provide a free replacement or refund to ensure your satisfaction.

Packing: The rake is packed in a color box, making it a perfect gift for your friends or family members who may benefit from its use.

Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Telescopic Rake Grass is a versatile and durable tool for maintaining artificial turf and cleaning up debris. With its adjustable telescopic handle, thick steel pole, and wide range of applications, it offers convenience and effective performance. The product warranty ensures customer satisfaction, and its packaging makes it an excellent gift option.


  • Brush head size: 17.8″, teeth Length: 1.4″, adjustable telescopic handle length: 49 – 63″.
  • Upgrade extra thicken steel pole – 10% thicken iron tube with powder coated.

My experience choosing and using Artificial Grass Rake

When it came to choosing an artificial grass rake, I had a personal experience that led me to choose the Grandi Groom synthetic grass rake. I considered several factors in my decision-making process, including affordability and quality.

First and foremost, price played a significant role in my decision. I was looking for an artificial grass rake that offered good value for money. After researching various options and comparing their prices, I found that the Grandi Groom Rake fit well within my budget. It provided a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

Speaking of quality, this is another important aspect I considered. I wanted an artificial grass rake that was sturdy, efficient and durable. During my research, I found that the Grandi Groom Rake has a reputation for excellent quality. They were specifically designed for synthetic grass and had features to effectively remove debris while keeping the grass blades upright. Positive reviews and feedback from other buyers further strengthened my confidence in the quality of the rake.

Ultimately, the combination of affordable price and good quality made the Grandi Groom synthetic grass rake the perfect choice for me. They met my requirements for a reliable and efficient tool to maintain and care for my artificial grass surface.

It is important to note that individual preferences and needs may vary when choosing an artificial grass rake. It is always advisable to do thorough research, read customer reviews, and consider your specific requirements before making a final decision.

How to Choose Rake for Artificial Grass?

A rake is a garden tool used to pick up leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the lawn. Rakes come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and bamboo.

Why do I need an artificial grass rake?

Even though artificial grass does not need to be mowed or watered, it still requires some maintenance. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on the surface of artificial grass, and a rake is needed to remove it. Regular raking of artificial grass will also help prevent mats from forming and keep the grasses upright.

Factors to consider when choosing an artificial grass rake

There are several key factors to consider when choosing an artificial grass rake:

Type of rake

There are three basic types of rakes: leaf rakes, garden rakes, and motorized rakes. A leaf rake is designed to pick up leaves and other light debris and is not suitable for artificial grass. Garden rakes are designed to loosen soil and remove heavier debris and can be used on artificial grass. A motorized rake is a rake with an electric motor designed for heavy duty applications and usually only used by professionals.

Rake size

The size of the rake depends on the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn, a hand rake will suffice. If your lawn is larger, you may need a larger rake or a garden rake.

Rake material

Rakes are made of a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and bamboo. Plastic rakes are lightweight and inexpensive, but they may not be as durable as metal or bamboo rakes. Metal rakes are more durable than plastic rakes, but can be heavier and more expensive. Bamboo rakes are lightweight and environmentally friendly, but may not be as durable as metal rakes.

Rake for Artificial Grass Buying Criteria

Next, we’ll show you what aspects you can use to choose between the many possible rakes for artificial grass.

Criteria you can use to compare different rakes for artificial grass include:

  • Material.
  • Width.
  • Number and size of tines.
  • Handle.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what the individual criteria are.

More info: Rake: what are there, what are they made of, and how to choose?


Dethatching rakes are generally made from the following materials:

  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel

Depending on the characteristics you expect from the material from which the rake for artificial grass is made, you should choose the appropriate rake.

What distinguishes a plastic rake for artificial grass, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Rakes for  artificial grass made of plastic have a relatively low price because plastic is cheap to produce. This type of rake for grass clippings impresses with its lightweight. Thus, the work in the garden will be more pleasant and easier for you.

In addition, plastic is very flexible and soft, which means that you will not get stuck on your lawn so often. Another great advantage of plastic is that it can be shaped in any way. For example, this allows you to give the tines a curvature, which can be helpful when dethatching or collecting leaves.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy Production may not be environmentally friendly
Moldability Danger of cheap products

On the other hand, a major disadvantage of plastic is its production, which is not always environmentally friendly. There is also a risk of “cheap products” in plastics. These are poorly processed and have low quality, which makes them easily broken.

What distinguishes a stainless steel rake for artificial grass and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

The stainless steel artificial grass rake is the most common on the market. They are not always more expensive than wooden ones, but the handle material is also of higher quality. Stainless steel is very tough and tough. In addition, it is a very durable material, since it is insensitive to external influences and is considered practically indestructible.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very robust and stable Expensive
Durable Higher weight
Rust protection

One of the disadvantages of stainless steel is that the artificial grass rake can add a little weight. Since only the handle is made of stainless steel, and the head and bristles of the rake are made of nylon or rubber.

What distinguishes an electric rake for artificial grass, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Electric rakes for artificial grass are large devices that resemble commercial lawnmowers. They are electrically powered. Electric rakes for artificial grass help de-compact your turf for a clean, fresh look, removing pet hair, pine needles, leaves, and other debris that prevents your fake grass from looking great.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy to operate Very expensive
Gentle on the body Enormous size


Rakes for artificial grass vary in width from 17.8″ to 18″. The wider the rake, the more material you need to use and the heavier the rake. This automatically makes it more bulky. The wider the rake, the more material you need to use and the heavier the rake.

Also, wider rakes for artificial grassrequire more physical effort to move through the grass.

So when buying, make sure that the width of the rake matches your height and strength. Therefore, rakes for artificial grass with a slightly smaller width are recommended for people who are small in stature. The advantage of a wide rake is that it covers a larger area. This means that you can work a lot more lawn in less time than with a narrower model.

So a wide rake is desirable if you have a large garden and don’t want to spend a lot of time gardening. The shape of your garden should not be neglected. If there are narrow corners that the wide rake cannot reach, it is worth buying the narrower model.

Number and size of tines

The number and size of tines can vary greatly.

Of course, the number of tines must always be seen in relation to the width of the rake for artificial grass. As a rule of thumb, however, the higher the number of tines, the closer they are to each other and the better you can pick up small objects in your lawn. So take a look at your lawn and its condition and decide how many tines your rake needs.


The main thing to consider when choosing a rake handle is its length. This is usually between 27-48″ or 49-63″.

A shorter handle is recommended for people who are not tall, as it is easier for them to use it. Taller people can buy a longer rake. It is best to hold the rake in your hands before buying it. You will immediately notice if it sits comfortably in your hand and if it is too long or short.

Best Brands of Rakes for Artificial Grass

  • Grandi Groom;
  • Winslow&Ross.

Rakes for Artificial Grass Price:

Under $300:

  • TurFresh TurfGroomer Mini Blooming and Decompacting Tool for Artificial Grass.

Under $100:

  • Grandi Groom Rake for Synthetic Grass.

Under $50:

  • Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Rake:
  • Winslow&Ross Artificial Turf Telescopic Rake Grass.

How to Use a Rake on Artificial Grass?

Using a rake on artificial grass is a simple process. Use our experience to quickly remove leaves from your artificial lawn.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, choose a rake that is appropriate for your artificial grass. As mentioned earlier, the type, size, and material of the rake are important factors to consider.
  • Start by removing large debris from the artificial grass, such as branches, rocks or leaves. This can be done by hand or with a leaf blower.
  • After you have removed the large debris, start raking the artificial grass. Use back and forth motions and be sure to rake in different directions to prevent mats from forming.
  • As you rake, pay attention to any areas of artificial grass that may be matted or flattened. Use a rake to flatten these areas and keep the grass upright.
  • Continue raking until you have removed all debris from the artificial grass. Don’t forget to rake up all the debris you’ve collected.
  • When you have finished raking, dispose of the debris properly. Organic materials can be composted and inorganic materials can be thrown in the trash.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your artificial grass looking great for years to come.


Do I need a special rake for artificial grass?

It’s very important that, when removing leaves, you do NOT use an ordinary garden rake. These types of rakes tend to have metal prongs. These metal prongs can cause permanent damage to your artificial turf. To avoid any damage, you must use a rake that has plastic fibres.

Where can the artificial grass rake be used?

The artificial grass rake can also be used to clean pet or human hairs from carpets.

Grandi Groom Carpet Rake In Use…So Easy!- Video

How to take care of artificial turf?

Artificial turf is not difficult to care for, but there are some things to pay attention to.

artificial lawn care

If the backfill of quartz sand and rubber granulate was used when laying the surface, then its care will be as follows:

  • Maintain the level of the backfill. To do this, have the backfill material in stock and add to those areas where its level is below the manufacturer’s recommended level, if necessary. Backfill bags should be tightly sealed during storage.
  • Periodically (approximately every 30 hours of heavy use) the backfill should be unpacked and the lawn should be combed to raise the pile. You can do this with a rake and a trowel, but it is better to do it with specialized equipment.
  • The edge of the lawn should be cleaned of soil and weeded.
  • Leaves and debris should be regularly removed from the surface of the artificial lawn. And sharp objects such as stones or glass splinters should be removed straight away.

If the artificial turf is not backfilled, it is even easier to care for. It consists of cleaning the lawn of large debris and washing it periodically with water.

How to clean an artificial lawn?

To do this, the usual household tools will do: a rake for artificial turf, a broom, a dustpan. It is not bad if it is possible to use a blower or vacuum cleaner (on a non-filled lawn) and a hose with running water. There are even special nozzles on the hose, designed for washing lawns.

Tips for removing dirt

Some types of dirt are quite difficult to clean.

The following recommendations can be used to remove them:

  • Oil stains can be removed quickly if sand, sawdust, or other absorbent material is covered in time.
  • Cleaning artificial grass from chewing gum is easier if you freeze it with a special spray or something cold beforehand.
  • Water and vinegar can be used to clean up pet feces.
  • Most soiling is easily cleaned with plain water. Sometimes a spatula can be used gently as needed.

Should artificial turf be removed for the winter?

The question may arise as to how to care for artificial grass in the winter. There are options here. But the main thing is that it definitely does not need to be removed for winter storage. Artificial turf is able to withstand even severe frosts if they occur in your region.

If you do not intend to use the lawn in winter, it will lie under the snow until spring without any manipulations and procedures. In this case, he will not lose his performance characteristics.

To prepare artificial grass for winter you need to remove debris and fallen leaves. Otherwise, in the spring after the snow melts on the lawn, you may find stains or discoloration of the fibers.

Backfill your lawn to the recommended level. This will help avoid lapping and deformation of the turf. If there are weeds along the edge of the lawn, you can treat it with a herbicide.

To avoid having to make costly repairs in the spring, all minor mechanical damage is better removed and repaired before the winter. They can increase from exposure to snow and ice.

Artificial turf can also be used in the winter. Then it must be regularly cleared of snow. Leave a couple of centimeters of snow on the surface and use a soft broom or brush to clean it afterward. This will help to avoid mechanical damage.

Ice can be removed from the surface of artificial grass, using ordinary food or technical salt. To do this, first clean the lawn of snow, then sprinkle the ice crust with salt. After a few minutes, when the ice begins to crack, remove it with a broom or brush.

Or, conversely, you can arrange an ice rink on the artificial lawn. To do this, you need to compact the snow, flatten it, pour water on it, and leave it until it freezes.

What should I avoid when using my lawn?

Despite the reliability and good performance of artificial lawns, it is undesirable to drive over them with a car or other machinery, especially heavy machinery.

When cleaning the lawn, especially from snow and ice, you need to be careful to avoid mechanical damage.

Aggressive lawn care chemicals should not be used. At the very least, before using them, you should check in a small, inconspicuous area to see if the artificial turf can be damaged by them.

Never build a fire on or near artificial grass. Walk on artificial turf preferably in shoes without sharp high heels, preferably in sport’s shoes.

Lawn care equipment

In order to facilitate the maintenance of large areas of artificial turf, especially those designed for high operational loads, there are functional and high-performance machines available. They are mainly used for the maintenance of soccer fields and other sports facilities.

These can be spreaders, compactors, tractors as well as multifunctional equipment, which includes the use of different attachments.

Techniques for cleaning an artificial soccer field

Proper systematic care will prolong the life of artificial turf, which can be even more than the manufacturer guarantees.

Careful inspection of the surface and timely measures taken will help to avoid material and moral expenses for its repair, to get full satisfaction from its use, and to appreciate how far the modern technologies in the process of artificial turf creation imitate to the maximum, and in some cases even exceed the natural ones.

David West is an experienced gardener and former salesman at a garden tools and supplies store. He has tended his own garden plot for many years and has extensive knowledge of plant care, landscaping and garden design.

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