Essential Tools For Working In The Garden


Having your own plot of land can be a great option for a variety of activities. On it, you can make a recreation area with a gazebo and barbecue, leave room for a garage or workshop, dig a swimming pool, make a dance floor, etc. But the most rational solution would be to use it for growing vegetables, greens, and fruits.

Of course, this will need to spend a lot of time and effort, but in return, you can get high quality, fresh and delicious products. To carry out all this was easier and more convenient, it is worth using a special gardening tool. Of these, it is possible to distinguish a few basic ones.

If you decide to buy new landscaping tools, take your time. They can take up a lot of space and cost a lot of money, so we’ll tell you which tools you need for your storage space. There’s always more and better, but buying the highest quality tools your budget allows and maintaining them can go a long way toward getting the most out of your investment.

Garden Saw

This tool is designed for sawing off-dry and unwanted branches. It may be necessary in the case of garden beautification. For example, if there are too many branches underneath and you need to get rid of them. Some people, on the contrary, in this way, do not let the tree grow tall. Also, a branch can break and wither. In order not to break it, it is necessary to use a saw. The tool should take a small size, about 20-25 inches, they will be more convenient to work.


Garden Axe

Its purpose is somewhat similar to a saw, namely getting rid of unnecessary branches. For example, if the branch is thick and the saw does not cope. With the help of the axe you can cut down the tree completely, or get rid of tough weeds. It will definitely not be superfluous in the household.


A very useful thing, especially if there are grapes on the plot. With it, you can accurately cut thin branches, stems or vines. The cut is even, with no splinters. Winegrowers appreciate it because it makes pruning grapes easy and fast.

Gardening shovel

Probably one of the most basic tools in gardening. Not a single planting can do without it. It is used for digging the garden, making holes or holes in the ground, digging up trees, etc. All this is practically impossible to do with bare hands.

Grass and leaf rake

They are ideal for cleaning up dry leaves, grass, or other garbage. They are also used to pass over the soil after digging, making its protruding clumps smooth and beautiful.

Garden Hoe

Quite a versatile tool. Most often it is used for cutting weeds and unwanted grass by the root. Also, its shape allows you to make convenient narrow holes for flowers and greenery.

Garden wheelbarrow

It is needed to make it easier to carry any kind of weight. This can be trash from the site, grass, leaves, harvested vegetables, soil and much more. With it you can make 1 trip instead of 2 or even 3.

Garden shears

These are such large and long scissors. Someone will say that there are secateurs, but some work is better to do with them. For example, trimming bushes, especially if they are tall. You can do the same thing with grass.


If a wheelbarrow makes it easy to carry heavy things, a hose will completely ensure convenient watering. You won’t have to carry buckets of water. And this is heavy, especially if the plot of land is large. It is enough to connect one end of the hose to the water source, and the other to throw under the plant.


You can call it a tool or not, but the need for it is great. Trees, grapes, bushes, etc. are tied up with it.

This small set of tools will allow you to keep track of the entire garden and vegetable garden. No situation can catch the owner off guard.

Since tools are an extension of the hand, we recommend that you purchase simple and reliable tools that allow me to stay in touch with the ground you are working on. There are some digging tools that you really love and live with you for a long time, there are tools to be trusted with the hardest worker or the most delicate.

Either way, all of these tools should not only be handy but they should be loved. That’s why you need to combine the look of the tool as well as its technical features and durability. All the best!

David West is an experienced gardener and former salesman at a garden tools and supplies store. He has tended his own garden plot for many years and has extensive knowledge of plant care, landscaping and garden design.

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