Record-breaking Tractors: A list of the best in their categories


The design and production of enormous in size, productive and super-powerful tractors is not due to vanity and the desire to get into the record books. Such equipment is created to work in especially difficult and severe conditions. These machines are produced in limited (or single) quantities and are used by large enterprises.

Naturally, for a summer cottage or ordinary agricultural work such equipment is not suitable. For medium and large farms you should pay attention to New Holland tractors.

The largest tractor in the world

Depending on the purpose and specifics of work, it is possible to distinguish several giants-record holders among tractors.

The largest tractor produced in history is the American Big Bud, which has no analogues. The unit belongs to the category of agricultural and is used for deep plowing (depth up to 120 cm).

Big Bud

It has the following technical characteristics:

  • engine power – 900 hp;
  • number of cylinders – 16;
  • weight – 50 tons;
  • fuel tank capacity – 3800 liters;
  • fuel consumption – 65 l/min;
  • fuel – diesel;
  • length and width – 8*6,3 m;
  • Capacity – up to 400 hectares per day;
  • gearbox – 6+1.

The T-800 tractor is considered the biggest in Europe, the lion’s share of mass of which (106 tons) is the mounted bulldozer equipment. The engine power is 820 hp. Number of gears – 4 forward, 2 reverse. The main purpose of the unit is construction and mining works.

In the category of special equipment, the record belongs to the Japanese tracked bulldozers Komatsu D575A. Power – 1150 hp. The large blade allows the unit to move more than 70 cubic meters of earth or rock at a time.

Komatsu D575A

The most powerful tractor in the world

Case Steiger 600 (wheeled) and Qudtrac 600 (tracked) tractors are not very big, but their performance and efficiency is impressive. The power of the engine on these models is 670 hp. The Case Steiger 600 tractor holds the record for uninterrupted plowing during a day, which no one has been able to break so far. This fact makes it the most powerful and productive in the world today.

largest tractor in the world

The fastest tractor in the world

The fastest tractor in the world is considered Valtra T-234. In 2015, the Finnish rider Juha Kankkunen set a world record – he accelerated the mentioned Valtra model to a speed of 130.165 km/h. Remarkably, the record was set in winter time with the use and simultaneous testing of special winter tractor rubber Nokian.

Valtra T-234

World’s most expensive tractor

The most expensive tractor in the world history is the largest tractor already mentioned in our article – Big Bud 747. Its cost at the time of its creation in 1977 was 300,000 dollars. If you recalculate this amount in today’s money, the cost of this tractor is 1130000 dollars.

If you take the most expensive units, depending on the class, there are several other manufacturers who can boast of records on this criterion.

The John Deere 9560RT tractor is designed for agricultural work of increased complexity. The cost of this machine ranges from $445,000.

The third record holder also makes it to the top repeatedly. This is the Case IH Steiger 600 tractor, which has set a world record for productivity. Its cost is in the range of $440,000. Its Quadtrac series counterpart with triangular tracks instead of wheels is as good as the previous model and costs in the range of $600,000.

Lamborghini Nitro

Lamborghini tractors set a record in cost among luxury vehicles. In particular, the Lamborghini Nitro, presented in 2013, is distinguished by its exceptional design and technical characteristics, and the price of the unit exceeds 200,000 euros.

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