How to choose Asphalt Rake for Paving & Landscaping

Asphalt Lute Rake Rake

Choosing an Asphalt Lute Rake? We created this guide so you can find the best Asphalt Lute Rakes on the market.

We’ve analyzed all of the Asphalt Lute Rakes on the market, looking at reviews, cost, ease of purchase, and many other factors.

Thus, we have compiled a ranking of the best Asphalt Lute Rakes.

Asphalt Lute Rake

What is Asphalt Lute Rake?

Asphalt Lute Rake is a hand tool designed to work with non-ore materials: sand, crushed stone, siftings, earth, as well as asphalt concrete.

These rakes allow you to perform road construction and landscaping work with the least amount of labor and the greatest efficiency.

Asphalt Lute Rake: In a nutshell

  • For road works (distribution and leveling of sand, crushed stone, gravel, asphalt).
  • For cleaning the area from construction debris, clods of soil mowed plants.
  • When decorating landscapes and lawns.

Best Asphalt Rake

Bon Tool 22-530 Lute Rake-Asphalt 30″

Bon Tool 22-530 Lute Rake-Asphalt 30"


  • Innovative, durable.
  • The wood handle tapers from round to square for better grip.

Bon Tool Asphalt Lute Rake Alum 36″

Bon Tool Asphalt Lute Rake Alum 36"


  • 36″ Blade with 6″ Handle
  • Alum Handle

‎Marshalltown The Premier Line Asphalt Magnesium Lute 32″

‎Marshalltown The Premier Line Asphalt Magnesium Lute 32"


  • Asphalt Magnesium Lute 32″.
  • Blunt 7″ Handle.
  • Durable lightweight magnesium head.
  • T Connector.
  • All parts are easily replaceable.

AMES COMPANIES Aluminum Asphalt Lute Rake

AMES COMPANIES Aluminum Asphalt Lute Rake


  • Features a sturdy wrap-around brace, 82″ powder-coated aluminum handle, and a 5.5″ comfortable and secure end grip.
  • Powder-coated aluminum handle.
  • Sold unassembled.

Forgecraft USA Extra Size Aluminum Asphalt Lute Rake 54″

Forgecraft USA Extra Size Aluminum Asphalt Lute Rake 54"


  • Extra Large 54″ Rake head, 10-1/2 feet long handle.
  • Bracee re-enforcement.
  • Made of quality Aluminum, durable and lightweight.
  • Combination blades-Pointing teeth and smooth leveling blade.
  • Unique adjustable handle in 3 sections, extendable up to 10-1/2 feet long.

Kraft Tool Asphalt Lute Magnesium

Kraft Tool Asphalt Lute Magnesium


  • Tine Material Magnesium, Length of Tines 1 In., Overall Width of Tines 36 In., Number of Tines 37.
  • Handle Material Magnesium.
  • Handle Length 6 ft.

Asphalt Lute Rake Buying Criteria

Next, we’ll show you what aspects you can use to choose between the many possible asphalt lute rakes.

Criteria you can use to compare different asphalt lute rakes include:

  • Material.
  • Size.
  • Handle.


The choice of aluminum as a base is not accidental – because this metal has high strength and lightness, resistant to the negative environment (snow, excessive cold or heat, rain), not subject to corrosion and rotting. At changes in temperature, the metal retains its structure perfectly. Estimated service life of aluminum products is more than 80 years.

Aluminum rakes used in road construction work are made of aluminum and magnesium – the combination of these two metals makes the alloy especially strong and invulnerable, which is important when working with coarse fractions of crushed stone and gravel.


Asphalt lute rakes are available in wood or aluminum, and the size of the lute often depends on personal preference. Lutes are available in 2-foot wide versions, but the most common lute used for paving is 36 inches x 3 inches with 8-footers handles.


Lutes are also available with handles of different lengths, but longer handles are better because you can reach farther. This consequently reduces your fatigue while working.

Advantages of aluminum rakes for road construction work

  1. Moderate cost. This allows you to save the budget of road construction works and can be a significant competitive advantage in the fight for a profitable contract.
  2. The rake’s small size and weight make it easy to store, and allow you to move it between construction sites without much trouble or expense, and to use it 100% without downtime.
  3. The rake can be used to quickly process hard-to-reach places, where large construction machines can’t get through.
    For example, narrow roads and sidewalks, small parking areas near stores and offices, sports and playgrounds, garden plots, and so on.
  4. Unlike expensive and complicated equipment, which requires special skills, the rake can be trusted even to unskilled personnel without fear of breakage or damage – you only need to be shown how to operate it (it will take no more than five minutes).
  5. Simplicity and ease of use – ergonomics and small weight (1.5 to 2.5 kg, depending on width) allow you to work for a long time without feeling tired. Many manufacturers cover part of the tool’s handle with rubber, which prevents it from slipping and makes the grip more comfortable. To avoid industrial injuries and loss of the handle it is accepted to paint it in a contrasting color (it increases significantly the security of works because the rake with a bright handle is easy to notice on the gray surface of crushed stone, asphalt and gravel).
  6. High durability and at the same time lightness – the tool is made of special hardened aluminum and magnesium alloy, which guarantees resistance to rust and mechanical stress.

How to Use Asphalt Lute Rake

The Asphalt Lute Rake (lute) is usually made of wood or aluminum and has a blade with a straight edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. The serrated edge is used to roughen the surface and the straight edge is used to smooth. Asphalt Lute Rakes comes in a variety of sizes and lengths. The most common lutes have a 30-inch blade and a 6-foot-long handle.

The person using the asphalt lute rake plays a very important role. Identifying uneven areas of material is critical to getting a clean surface when working on asphalt or landscaping. That is, the lute is used as a leveling tool. The specialist must keep an eye on the material, looking out for high and low spots. If there is a depression, the paver should also recognize this because it may be an area where water collects in a puddle. This also needs to be filled in and smoothed out with a lute.

The specialist has one hand lower on the asphalt lute rake and the other on top of the handle. He can then use his forearm as a reference point to keep the lute level. This will minimize the possibility of changing the angle at which he holds the lute. It takes a lot of time, patience, and practice to figure out what pressure to apply, where and how to move the material effectively and to get a feel for how to hold the surface.

It is always important to have your tools in working order. In everyday work, excess asphalt accumulates on the asphalt lute rake blade. When pulling asphalt, it accumulates on the inside of the lute blade and then on the outside as it is pushed through. It is common practice to spray a lubricant on the lute blade to help reduce the amount of asphalt that accumulates on the blade. The asphalt will slide off the blade more easily, which will also help you keep the work area smooth.

Best Brands of Asphalt Lute Rakes

  • Bon Tool
  • ‎Marshalltown The Premier Line

Asphalt Lute Rakes Price:

Asphalt Lute Rakes under $70:

  • Bon Tool 22-530 Lute Rake-Asphalt 30″;
  • Forgecraft USA Extra Size Aluminum Asphalt Lute Rake 54″;
  • Asphalt Lute Magnesium.

Asphalt Lute Rakes under $100:

  • Bon Tool 12-236 Asphalt Lute Rake Alum 36″
  • ‎Marshalltown The Premier Line Asphalt Magnesium Lute 32″
  • AMES COMPANIES Aluminum Asphalt Lute Rake 36″

FAQ about Asphalt Lute Rakes

What is a lute in asphalt?

An asphalt lute is an aluminum tool that has a blade with two different edges. One edge is serrated, and it is used to roughen a surface, while the other edge is straight and is used for smoothing. Lutes are used by crew members who spot areas of asphalt that are uneven.

What is an asphalt rake called?

Asphalt rakes are also called paving rakes, since they are used in raking and smoothing pavement.

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