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Landscape Rake for tractor Tractor

Choosing a Landscape Rake? We created this guide so you can find the best Landscape Rakes on the market.

We’ve analyzed all of the Landscape Rakes on the market, looking at reviews, cost, ease of purchase, and many other factors.

Thus, we have compiled a ranking of the best Landscape Rakes.

Landscape Rake

What is Landscape Rake for Tractors?

Landscape rakes are attachments at the rear of the tractor with curved tines at the bottom. Their tines help them dig into the ground and pull debris out of the soil.

The purpose of a landscape rake is to clear the ground, which is done unequivocally. The tines dig about two inches below the ground, pulling up rocks, straw, roots, and other debris and holding the soil in place because of the gap between the tines. The curved design of the landscape rake tines provides the perfect support for all dirt as the tractor transports it to a central location and removes it as needed.

Landscape Rakes for the tractor: In a nutshell

  • Landscaping rakes reduce the time and energy that you could’ve used with a hand rake.
  • Landscape tractor rakes are much more durable and are able to cut deeper into the ground due to the power of the tractor compared to what you could do with your bare hands.
  • Landscape rakes (also known as rock rakes) are primarily designed for rock removal work and are ideal even for very rocky terrain.

Types of tractor rakes on the market

In addition to garden rakes, there are 3 other types of tractor rakes. These are cross tractor rakes, mulch sweeping rakes, and tractor rakes for cane removal. All of these rakes are vital and play different roles in preparing your garden.

  • Transverse tractor rake – this type of rake is usually used for putting hay and other debris on the ground. This is by using the middle section of the cross rake.
  • Mulching sweeper rake – this rake is usually attached to a cutting deck rather than a tractor hitch. It works by cutting small leaves, sticks, and other plant debris into small pieces. The pieces are then thrown into the side-discharge section of the tractor. They are later sucked up by a reliable vacuum attachment and then placed in a container attached to the rear of the tractor.
  • Dethatcher rake – this rake works differently from the other three types. It is designed to cut through mats of old grass clippings and rotting roots and stems found in the soil near grass stems. In addition, this rake can also be used as a garden aerator.

Landscape Rake

To effectively clear your field of grass and debris, you need a landscape rake.

A landscape rake (rock rake or york rake) has many curved C-shaped tines that pull behind the tractor, scraping the grass and pulling out debris. The spring action of a landscape rake keeps the tines on the ground without tearing too deep or destroying the entire field.

Landscape rakes can also be used to clear roots, rocks, or other debris. In the reverse position, the rake can push debris close to structures or property boundaries.

You can use them to level the soil, prepare for planting, spread mulch, make paths out of gravel, and remove debris.

Landscape rakes also come in different sizes, so you need to make sure you choose a rake that fits your compact or traditional tractor.

Best 3 point Landscape Rake

Titan Distributors Inc. 5-Ft Landscape Rake for Tractors

‎Titan Distributors Inc. 5-Ft Landscape Rake for Tractors


  • 3 point attachment for compact tractors.
  • Heat-treated replaceable tines.
  • 360-Degree rotation allows for a reverse setting.
  • Quick Hitch Compatible.


Width  60″
Material  Steel
Tine spacing 1.75″
Weight 207 LBS.

The Titan Attachments 5-Ft landscaping rake is perfect for use with a compact tractor and is compatible with 3-point quick hitches. Use it for clearing rocks and debris or for seeding and general maintenance around the yard, farm, or park. Tow this tool behind your tractor to spread gravel or topsoil, smooth parking lots, clear trash, or to break up sod clumps. It is also an essential tool for refreshing soil or fixing gravel roads.

MotoAlliance CAT-0 Landscape Rake

MotoAlliance CAT-0 Landscape Rake


  • Seventeen (17) replaceable spring steel, 10.5″ tall rake tines; 50″ wide.
  • Heavy-duty tine stabilizer bar with 8 gauge steel frame.
  • Five (5) position angle adjustment left to right.
  • Integrated 3 Point CAT-0 quick-mount; assembly required.

MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Landscape

MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Landscape


  • Sixteen (16) replaceable spring steel, 10″ tall rake tines.
  • “Quick Pull” Release Latch allows rake to swing back for easy clean out of debris from tines.
  • 62 inches wide (60 inch cutting path).
  • Easy, one (1) pin mounting with the included pin.

Field Tuff FTF-60LSR3PT Landscape Rake

Field Tuff FTF-60LSR3PT Landscape Rake


  • Covers a 60” wide working path; features 30 heavy-duty tines for good coverage.
  • Reduces clogging with 1 ¾” Spacing between tines; 360° rotation – allows for a wide range of Angular and reverse settings.
  • Designed to allow you to work close to fences, walls, and other objects.
  • Heavy-duty, Black coating resists rust and corrosion; ideal for grading, Leveling, removing rocks, breaking up sod clumps, and so much more.
  • 3-Pt hitch and category 1 hitch Pin for use with category 1 Tractors.

Dirt Rake Skid Steer Landscape 78″

Dirt Rake Skid Steer Landscape


  • Heavy-duty welded steel tubular construction landscape rake.
  • Universal quick tach fit, Bobcat, Kubota, Cat, and many more.
  • Hitch receiver, move trailers on the job site without changing attachments.
  • Level and grade in preparation to create the perfect seedbed with several inches of loose dirt.

Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake

Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake


  • Clear trails, groom horse corrals, rake the beach or maintain your gravel driveaway.
  • 5-position angling provides more customized results.
  • 21 individual 1-5/16” hardened landscape rake tines.
  • Requires either the 48″ or 60″ Accessory Tool Bar & 3-Point Hitch System (sold separately).
  • 60” width.

YINTATECH 3 Point Attach Landscape Rock Rake Tractor

YINTATECH 3 Point Attach Landscape Rock Rake Tractor


  • Widely utilized in the industrial, construction, and agricultural fields, such as smoothing land, cleaning hay, and trimming lawns.
  • Durable and Replaceable Tine: Forged with specialized heat treatment technology.
  • Landscape rock rake is 60″ long with a solid steel structure.
  • There are 30 tines with 1″ width x 0.24″ thick.
  • The landscape rock rake is designed as a 3-point attachment.

Best ATV, UTV Landscape Rake

Use the 5-foot ATV Landscape Rake for raking branches, leaves, and other lawn and yard maintenance. Connect the rake to your ATV and successfully complete all lawn repairs.

KUAFU Landscape Rake Compatible With ATV, UTV, SxS Accessory Tool Bar & 3-Point Hitch System

KUAFU Landscape Rake


  • The landscape rake is mainly compatible with ATV/UTV/SxS 48″ or 60″ Accessory Tool Bar & 3-Point Hitch System. (2 ” hitch can be installed if the caliber is consistent)
  • The landscape rake is made of high-quality steel, with fine workmanship, high hardness, wear resistance, and durability.
  • Black powder-coated surface avoids rust and rot due to the influence of humidity or debris, effectively extending the landscape rake service life.
  • Bolt installation is simple and fast, saving time and improving user efficiency.

Black Boar ATV/UTV Landscape Rake

Black Boar ATVUTV Landscape Rake


  • The extra-stiff design uses the full length of the rake, and the tines are removable to adjust the desired tine spacing.
  • Parallel linkage design ensures the correct angle of the attachment when lowering it.
  • The lightweight design is easy for one person to set up and minimizes interference when maneuvering.
  • Superior range of motion without the need to move pins or manually lower the hitch
  • Constructed of rugged steel with a streamlined, minimalist design.

The Black Boar Landscaping Rake is designed for clearing trails and raking debris. The extra-stiff design uses the full length of the rake, which means debris won’t collect in the center or curve out the sides. Each tooth is removable, so you can adjust the coarseness of the rake.

Fewer tines are better for heavy debris, and using all tines is better for lighter debris.

Landscape Rakes for tractor Buying Criteria

Criteria you can use to compare different landscape rakes for tractors include:

  • Durability
  • Width
  • Compatible


A landscape rake will require tremendous strength as the tractor literally drags it across the ground, clinging to all sorts of tough roots and heavy rocks.

This means that it’s absolutely essential that it be stacked well enough that it won’t break when you use it for its intended purpose.


As you’d expect, a 6-foot wide landscape rake covers 50% more ground compared to a 4-foot wide rake, so you’ll essentially get the job done a full third sooner (this math is correct, although it sounds wrong). As it is 1 – 4/6 x 100. Every 12 feet requires two passes instead of three).

The 4-foot landscape tractor rakes aren’t actually cheaper, either, so the only reason to buy them is if you’re going to use them in tighter areas than you could do with a 6-foot wide rake.


Another thing to consider is whether the rake is compatible with your tractor. Most rakes come with a 3-point attachment that is suitable for attaching to your tractor.

Best Brands of Landscape Rakes for tractor:

  • Titan Distributors Inc.
  • Kolpin.

Landscape Rakes for the tractor Price:

Landscape Rakes for tractor under $2000:

  • Dirt Rake Skid Steer Landscape Attachment 78″.

Landscape Rakes for tractor under $800:

  • Field Tuff FTF-60LSR3PT 60″ 3-Point Landscape Rake.

Landscape Rakes for tractor under $700:

  • Titan Attachments 5-Ft Landscape Rake for Compact Tractors

Landscape Rakes for tractor under $600:

  • Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake – LSR60;
  • YINTATECH 3 Point Attach Landscape Rock Rake Tractor.

Landscape Rakes for tractor under $400:

  • MotoAlliance Impact Implements CAT-0 Landscape Rake

Landscape Rakes for tractor under $300:

  • MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Landscape Rake.

FAQ about tractor rake

What is a tractor rake used for?

Rakes can be used to remove stones, roots, debris, and leaves, spread topsoil quickly and evenly, spread base material, grade, level, pulverize, and mulch.

What can I use a tractor landscape rake for?

A landscape rake is designed to dig through the dirt and pull any underlying debris to the top of the soil.

What is a 3 point landscape rake used for?

Landscape Rake is ideal for grading, leveling, spreading, and removing stones from lawns. It’s designed with a 3-point hitch which fits category 1 pins.

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