How to choose Snow Rake for Trucks and Cars


If you live in a region that has winter, then you have repeatedly encountered the problem of a snowy car. Therefore, for the winter period, you need a rake to clear snow from the car or trucks.

Heavy snowfall can pile up your truck or car, but an ordinary rake isn’t the right rake to free your vehicle. If you’re facing this problem, you’re probably looking for one of the best rakes for clearing snow. We’ve spent a lot of time researching real customer reviews, expert advice, and product descriptions to bring you four great options.

What is snow rakes for trucks?

To safely remove excess snow from a truck or car using a tool, a rake is specially designed. These reliable snow removal tools, often referred to as snow blowers, snow brushes, or rakes, are great for car dealerships and private car owners alike.

In a nutshell

  • A snow rake is a useful tool for clearing snow from trucks or cars quickly and safely.
  • Snow rakes are ideal for removing snow from trucks, cars, solar panels, roofs, windows, RVs, trailers, semi-trailers, etc.

Best Choice – True Temper Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Rake

True Temper Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Rake


  • An innovative EVA foam brush won’t scratch your car.
  • Removes snow from large areas and tight spaces like wiper wells.
  • Pivoting head rotates to access hard-to-reach places like underneath roof racks.

What types of Snow Rake for Trucks are Available and Which One is Right for You?

While choosing a snow rake for trucks, you will find the following option: the blade is made of polypropylene, and the handle is made of fiberglass or aluminum. The only differences may be in the width of the blade and the length of the telescopic handle.

removing snow trucks

Best Durable & Sturdy Rake for Snow




  • Made of new and upgraded high-quality solid ABS material, which will not damage the paint and glass of the car.
  • Has four functions: snow removal, frosting removal, shovel ice, and wiper protection.

Best Big Rig Snow Rake

Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake

Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake


  • Traditional snow roof rake designed specifically for flat roofs: trucks, trailers, RV’s, and other flat rooftops.
  • Snap together the assembly is fast and efficient.

Best Snow Removal Tool Kit

Yogayet 5 in 1 Snow Rake & Brush for Car

Yogayet 5 in 1 Snow Rake & Brush for Car


  • 5 in 1 unique snow brush: 1 x snow brush, 1 x ice scraper, 1 x snow shovel, 1 x D-shaped handle and 1 x telescopic grip.
  • The length of the snow shovel can be adjusted between 30.7” to 38.9”, and the snow brush and ice scraper can be adjusted between 29.5” to 39.3”.

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Snow Rake for Trucks – Buying Criteria

Next, we’ll show you what aspects you can use to choose between the many possible snow rakes for trucks.

Criteria you can use to compare different snow rakes for trucks include:

  • Material.
  • Width.
  • Handle.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what the individual criteria are.

More info: Rake: what are there, what are they made of, and how to choose?


The snow rake blade is made of polypropylene, ABS, or EVA and the handle is made of fiberglass or aluminum. This type of rake has a telescopic handle that extends in one motion.


Snow rakes have a long pole and wide head for easy snow removal. Snow rakes for trucks vary in width from 16″ to 25″  for removing snow, wet leaves, and other debris from the roof.

The wider the blade of the snow rake, the greater the angle of snow capture when clearing trucks.

When choosing a snow rake, you should pay attention not only to the width of the blade but also to the length of the handle.


Most rakes have adjustable posts. Others have one size fits all. In general, you will find snow rakes from 14 to 22 feet.

They are most often used to clear snow from roofs, but some snow rakes are small enough to work on cars or sidewalks. The longer the handle, the farther the rake will reach the snow or leaves. Such rakes can be effective on low roofs and two-story houses.

Best Brands of Snow Rake for Trucks:

  • Extreme Max;
  • Ohuhu.

Snow Rakes for Trucks Price:

 Snow rake for trucks under $200:

  • Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake.

 Snow rake for trucks under $50:

  • True Temper Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Rake.

 Snow rake for trucks under $30:

  • JOYTUTUS Snow Brush;
  • Yogayet 5 in 1 Snow Rake & Brush for Car.


Should I clean snow off my parked car?

At any time of year — but particularly during the dark and potentially treacherous driving days of winter — it’s essential to keep your car windows clear. So build in extra time to remove snow and ice from your car before you drive out onto the wintry roads.

Is it bad to leave your car buried in snow?

It’s not going to do any damage that’s not already there. Heaps of snow covering your car won’t cause permanent damage, but can still keep you from driving away from your parking spot quicker than you’d like.

Can I drive with snow on top of my car?

That means if you drive with a sheet of snow on the roof of your car—or a few patches of ice around the edges of your windshield—you’re liable for an expensive ticket. Even if you’ve scraped enough of the frost off the glass to see the road, driving with an ice-encrusted car is still dangerous.

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