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Choosing a Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV? We created this guide, so you can find the best Disc Cultivator Harrows for ATV and UTV on the market.

We’ve analyzed all the Disc Cultivator Harrows for ATV and UTV on the market, looking at reviews, cost, ease of purchase, and many other factors.

Thus, we have compiled a ranking of the best Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV.

Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV

Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV: In a nutshell

  • There are many ways to prepare the soil for a future good harvest, but the most popular way to do this effectively is to use UTV/ATV disc harrows.
  • The right disc harrow will help you prepare the soil without too much damage to the power of your ATV’s engine.

Types of Discs for ATVs

The ATV disc harrow is considered very useful when plowing the fields. When planning to buy the best disc for your ATV, there are a number of facts to consider. Depending on the area of the field you want to plow and the location of the gangs, you will find several types of disc harrows.

Single action disc

For covering a small area of land, you may want to consider a single-action disc harrow. An ATV disc harrow of this type has two disc gangs. The bundles are mounted in opposite directions to spread the soil in opposite directions. You will find that this particular arrangement is very typical of most ATV disc harrows. The single-action disc harrow is known to be the best all-terrain disc when plowing small areas where a single disc is sufficient to loosen the soil.

Double acting disc

In a double-acting disc harrow, you’ll notice two or more groups of discs. The gangs are attached to both the front and rear of the all-terrain vehicle’s plowing equipment. The gangs in this type of harrow are also mounted in the opposite direction. But double-disc action, the soil penetrates twice for more efficient operation.

You can work more efficiently with the ATV’s double-action discs if the ground covers a larger area. Dual discs cover a wider area with gangs ranging from 5 feet to 15 feet. But this type of disc action requires a powerful ATV engine.

Offset Disc

An offset disc harrow has two discs mounted behind each other. The gangs work together at the same time to ensure efficient plowing. You will find the gangs on the outside of the equipment. Each gang usually consists of eight discs.

An offset disc harrow is useful for covering more ground and ground corners. With the two-disc gangs working in tandem, you can hit the soil repeatedly for better penetration.

Best ATV Disc Harrow

Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow

Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow


  • The parallel linkage design maintains proper implement angle as it is lowered.
  • Lightweight design is easy to install with one person and minimizes interference with maneuvering.
  • Superior range of motion without having to move pins or manually drop the hitch.
  • Made of durable Steel with a streamlined, minimalist design.

The eight rotating discs are designed for thoroughly breaking up tough ground. The two sides are independently adjustable from 0 to 15 or 30-degree angles, both forwards and backwards resulting in a 60-degree range of motion total. Use the angle-selector holes and U-bolts to select which angle and direction are best suited for your needs. Each Black Boar accessory attaches with ease to the Black Boar Motorized Implement Lift.

MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow for ATV/UTV

MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow for ATV/UTV


  • Eight (8), 12″ notched, hardened steel cutter disc blades provide 54″ of cutting width.
  • Features a stable axle with two (2) heavy-duty roller bearings per axle.
  • Easy, one (1) pin mounting with the included pin.
  • Requires Pro 1-Point Lift System, Sleeve Hitch Adapter, or CAT-0 hitch (sold separately) for attaching to ATV/UTV and Lawn Tractors.

Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow for ATV/UTV

Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow for ATV/UTV


  • The working width is 33” to cover a wide area.
  • 12” pneumatic tires allow you to take this discover a wide variety of tough terrains so that you can get the necessary job done.
  • Discing is easy with the 10-14” blades that are replaceable to make the most out of your disc.
  • the sharp discs cut to a depth of 4” and have a manual height control.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty 2” x 2” steel tube for a durable and long-lasting product; the 2” coupler hitch allows you to attach the disc to your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor.
  • Fits into small and tight areas with a compact design; transports easily with the attached jack.

Streamline Industrial DISC CULTIVATOR Harrow

Streamline Industrial DISC CULTIVATOR Harrow


  • 4 Ft Cut Width.
  • For Tow Behind ATV UTV & Compact Tractor.

Disc Harrows for ATV/UTV Buying Criteria

The different models vary in material, size, thickness, and quality. Only high-quality discs are durable and long-lasting.

Disc Diameter

The diameter of the disc affects the time it takes to get the job done and the efficiency of loosening the soil after plowing. To get optimum performance, the larger the diameter, the better. The disc diameter should be at least 12 inches.

Disc style

Speaking of styles, ATV rims come in two types. There are smooth ATVs and there are serrated ones. Notched rims have spikes or cogs around the circumference. The spikes are usually facing the same direction for greater plowing efficiency. The more teeth, the more efficient it becomes because you can get more hits in one revolution on the ground. But the disadvantage of notched discs is that they can get clogged quickly.

Smooth discs have a smooth circumference. But it’s sharp. This type of disc is ideal for relatively light surfaces, such as sandy soil or any other soil that is not as hard. They are also less likely to clog.

Disc cutting width

The cutting width of ATV discs is just as important as the disc diameter when it comes to productive plowing. The disc cutting width indicates how fast the tool can work and break up the soil. Give preference to disc harrows with a larger cutting width if you plan to plow a larger area of land.

For example, to plow one acre of land, you should choose discs with a working width of at least 50 inches. This will get the job done in about an hour. You can also get the results you want with discs with a cutting width of 40 inches. They can be very sharp and breakthrough hard soil.

But even the best discs may not produce optimal results if the overall quality of the tool is poor.

Frame structure

The frame structure of the all-terrain disc boom plays a vital role in the effective operation of the harrow. This important characteristic is the key to strength and durability. It is important to pick a disc harrow with a frame made entirely of high-quality, heavy-duty steel. This will also give the ATV disc harrow exceptional durability.

If the frame structure tends to warp, your entire product will not work. You should expect a compact product with a steel frame structure for easy transportation and storage.

Rust and corrosion protection

It is important to keep in mind the fact that an ATV disc harrow is almost always vulnerable to rust and corrosion. This is due to the nature of the work the disc harrow does.
Poor quality equipment will not last long and will make your investment a failure. On the other hand, the best disc harrows for ATVs will have a galvanized metal construction with powder coating. This makes the disc harrow stronger against rust and corrosion. Because the top layer inhibits the corrosion process, powder coating also helps increase the quality and attractiveness of the disc harrow.

Tow Bar Flexibility

A flexible drawbar is a key to the desired performance. A flexible drawbar ensures that the disc harrow can be mounted at the right angle. Drawbar flexibility also helps the harrow be compatible with the ATV it’s towed with.
A rigid drawbar does not allow the harrow to tilt properly, which in most cases results in failure to perform the task. Such a drawbar is also prone to breakage and reduces the harrow’s versatility and performance.
The adjustable drawbar has an incredible effect on the parallel relationship between the ATV and the disc harrow. This helps maintain the perfect angle when lowering the unit. You should also look for a single towbar mounting pin. A single pin mount plays a huge role in comfort by making it easy to attach and detach the harrow from the ATV.

Compatibility with ATV tires

It is crucial that you choose the best ATV disc harrow that is compatible with your ATV tires. ATV tires are under tremendous strain, and you probably won’t need flat tires. The tires are very small compared to the huge size of the harrows. And tires can easily lose their durability if used with the wrong harrows.
So it’s very important that you buy the right harrow to match the tires with. Or you can simply change the tires to match the size of your ATV disc harrow. For a regular size harrow, you should pick 12-inch pneumatic ATV tires. They provide durability and don’t bend easily.

Attachment option

You have to understand that a disc harrow cannot work without being attached to some other vehicle like a UTV or ATV. And because of this, you need to think about the attachment options available on the market.

When it comes to attaching a disc harrow to your ATV, there are two unique options, such as pulling the rear or installing a three-point hitch. A three-point hitch can simply be attached with an ATV’s three-point hitch, and the amazing thing about it is that it’s very easy to operate and move. What you don’t have much to do is see the assembly of this gadget. With the tow hitch, it has a wheel for easy movement, but it can only be mounted on the frame.

Additional features

To get the most out of an ATV disc harrow, a lifting kit is required to hitch it up with a pin, and it’s usually compatible with most available attachments. Manufacturers usually offer a manual lift kit to do the specified job.

The manual kit is a bit tricky to use and may prevent you from getting the desired angle with the disc. You may also need extra help to set it up. However, an automatic or electric elevator kit is also available, but you generally have to purchase one separately. The automatic ones are lightweight and made of sturdy material like stainless steel. They allow you to change attachments instantly and require no extra help while providing an accurate angle.

Correct use of the ATV disc harrow

To get the most out of your ATV disc harrow in certain situations, follow these steps:

Wait for rain

Any discing is desirable after heavy rain if the soil in the field is hard and dry. With heavy clay, you need to wait a little longer. Strong coverage is the result of your disc being very wet. Very wet soils nearby should be avoided.

Slow and gradual

The assumption that a better cut is achieved by pulling ATV disc harrows through more quickly is a myth. Harrows meshed at only 1 point rather than 3 are vulnerable to walking or swaying when pulled quickly. In practice, ATV disc harrows work well at low speeds for efficient digging and cutting.

Correct angle

Align the ATV disc to the direction of travel to make preparatory work easier. Take a certain angle for better resistance.

Weight gain

If you have a sturdy ATV disc harrow frame, extra weight can help with penetration. You can check with the manufacturer for exact recommendations. If you notice any cracking at the seams on the frame, get rid of the extra weight. Narrow and long bags are desirable for even weight distribution.

ATV/UTV Disc Harrow Price

Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV under $2000:

  • Streamline Industrial DISC CULTIVATOR Harrow.

Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV under $700:

  • Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow for ATVs/UTVs.

Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV under $500:

  • MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow for ATV/UTV.

Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV under $400:

  • Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow.

FAQ about Disc Cultivator Harrow for ATV and UTV

What determines the quality of an ATV disc harrow?

The ideal product should be made of thick-walled, high-strength steel. The disc should have special high-speed bearings with double seals. The disc should preferably be mounted with anti-slip nuts and bolts.

It should also be mounted on an axle of reasonable size in terms of convenience. It is better to place the axle inside a steel tube, as this creates a closed system that does not require lubrication. In short, in practice, the best disc harrow for ATVs is maintenance-free.

Are the sides of the ATV disc harrow adjustable?

Quality manufacturers guarantee this and try to make it as flexible as possible. Each side of the disc gives certain adjustable angles, which can range from 0 to 15 to 30 degrees. In addition, angle flexibility is usually offered in both directions. This is what helps in breaking down hard ground surfaces.

Can the blades of a disc be replaced?

Yes, almost all manufacturers offer replacement blades. A blunt blade has difficulty penetrating deep into the ground, and such circumstances require replacing the blade with a new one.

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