How to start a diesel tractor that ran out of fuel?

How to start a diesel tractor that ran out of fuel Tractor

How to start a diesel engine if the tank runs out of fuel?

We will talk about the diesel engine, and how to start it if it suddenly runs out of fuel and the engine stalls.

Quick answer:

  1. Look in the owner’s manual for the location of the fuel priming pump and pumping screw.
  2. Loosen the bleeder screw, allowing air to escape from the fuel line as the fuel flows from the fuel tank to the fuel filter.
  3. Pump the engine with a booster pump (for 5-10 minutes) until diesel fuel flows from the loose propeller to remove air.
  4. Tighten the priming screw with a screwdriver.
  5. Attempt to start the engine normally. If the engine will not start within 15 seconds of starting, repeat the priming process to allow as much fuel as possible to enter the fuel filter and pump.

What kind of problems can I have with my engine if it runs out of fuel?

Experienced motorists have experienced such a problem as the engine starting after there is an air lock in the fuel system.

Usually, this happens at the most uncomfortable moment, when the engine sharply and without any warning just shuts down by itself, and further start is not possible. It often happens for a variety of reasons, such as driver or driver negligence (not refueled in time, ran out of fuel should be blown), as well as may be faulty fuel sensors, or damaged the fuel supply system.

The reasons for which there can be no fuel in the engine

Since the causes may be manifold, an inspection will be required. After eliminating the cause and refueling to a full tank. It is required to pump the fuel system. First of all check if the fuel filters are full of fuel. Then pump it manually with a pump.

In any case, if the engine stalls on the run or in idle mode, you will most likely need to pump the fuel system nozzles, one at a time. From the first to the last in order. Look at the order of the cylinders, and subsequent ones the same way.

Procedure with the engine

Unscrew the injector tube from the engine, preferably not completely so that after pumping you can easily and quickly twist it. As soon as you unscrew the tube, pump fuel until the air goes out of the system. If the fuel does not foam then you need to tighten the tube.

Electric booster pump
Electric booster pump

Tighten it during pumping or by increasing pressure in the system with a pump. Tighten the tube so that when the pressure drops, no air will get back into it. Then pump the whole system in turn, filling all the tubes with diesel. After pumping the fuel system, try to start the engine. If you did not leave any air in the system and did everything correctly, the diesel engine should start successfully. And you can successfully get the bulldozer running next or other diesel equipment.

In case everything does not help, but there is no time, there is one reliable way, which is not desirable to use so it is possible to screw up the engine. But there are emergency situations, and as they say (In battle all methods are good).

After pumping the fuel system is taken spray can Quick Start or as suitable any spray. In this case, it is required to remove the air filter.

Starting the engine requires two as at the moment of start i.e. scrolls the starter flywheel, it is necessary to simultaneously inject the air system from the spray on a straight line. At the time of starting to twist the starter is no more than 5 – 10 seconds. And it is important to watch the batteries. This method worked in 99% of cases.

Well, for the future, dear machinists, drivers, tractor drivers, all who are friendly with the technique or just getting acquainted with it, do not forget to refuel at the nearest gas station in time to avoid such a problem.

It is not possible to pump the system with a booster pump at once. A diesel engine should not be driven to an empty tank. But once the engine has stalled due to lack of fuel, there is nothing to do. It is necessary to pump fuel into the system. It is not necessary to crank the engine with the starter for a long time. All the more it is actually in frost. It is not very pleasant to work with fuel on frost.

Pumping of injection system with HPF

The high-pressure pump is equipped with a booster pump. It can work in manual mode.

First of all it is necessary to pump fuel from the tank to the fine filter housing. To do this, unscrew the pipe connector that connects the pump and the fine filter. From the side of the filter.

If the pump is good, the fuel is pumped quickly. If this does not happen. If it doesn’t, the pump is working poorly and won’t be able to pump fuel. In this case you need to raise the fuel level. Above the level of the fuel pump and filter housing. To do this, unscrew the tube from the fuel intake and extend it with a hose. Fuel is poured into a canister.

It is suspended above the level of the fuel pump and fine filters. Then a hose is lowered into it. Now the pump will start working. When fuel appears from the unscrewed tube at the filter housing. It should be screwed back.

Next, it is necessary to pump the cavity of the fuel filter housing. To do this, unscrew the fitting at the outlet of the filter housing. It takes a long time to pump, but there are no other options. As soon as fuel starts to come out of the filter. Without air we tighten the connection from the body of the filter. Then we pump the cavity of HPF. If there is a plug on the housing. It is at the same level with the connector of the feeding tube. If not, the check valve is unscrewed. From the return supply tube. Fuel fills the pump cavity and starts to come out. The important thing here is to pump until. Until air bubbles stop coming out. Then the valve
is screwed on. The fuel on the low side is pumped.

Actually, you can start pumping from the fuel pump. But since the filters take a long time to fill the fuel . At once it is not very clear if the pump works or not. That is why it is better to be reinsured and to unscrew a few nipples step by step. Even if the fuel pump cavity is full. The engine won’t start anyway.

The plungers have to create pressure in the pipes that go to the injectors. Plungers can’t do that. Because air plugs have formed in the tubes. These also need to be displaced. They don’t allow the fuel to move through the tubes. The hand pump will not be able to push the fuel through the rams. You need to unscrew the high-pressure pipes from the injectors. And crank the engine with the starter until.

Until there is no splash of fuel from the tubes. So that the engine starts to seize up. And crank it without the help of the starter. It’s enough for fuel to appear in 3-4 tubes. The nozzles are screwed. Turning the starter engine starts to seize. Gain revolutions. And the other cylinders come into play. After which the engine starts to run smoothly. If the canister is out, the engine must be shut off. The fuel from the fuel pump and the filter housing will not go anywhere. Because the check valves will work.

They keep a low pressure in the system. To prevent air from entering. After that screw the tube to the fuel intake and start the engine again to finally remove air from the entire system.

How to pump fuel if there is no booster pump?

If the vehicle is not designed with a manual booster pump. On cars with fuel injection pump, as a rule, it does not exist. You have to rotate the engine with the starter for a long time. And in order to shorten pumping time. You need to unscrew the tubes in stages. From the pump on the fuel pump. Then from the fine filter. So that the air plugs do not interfere with the passage of fuel. Often you use a hose with a manual
pump. It drains the fuel from the tank. It is very good to create pressure.

It can also be used together with the booster pump. It is even more efficient than the built-in pump.
The fuel booster pump from the tractor K 700 is also very often used. It has a handy lever, and creates a good pressure. Her even built into the tube coming from the tank. And install it permanently.

If the pump doesn’t create a vacuum in the tube coming from the tank. It is possible that there is a crack somewhere and there is air leakage. The crack is not big. And if there is fuel in the tube, it might not be leaking through it.

If the fuel is gone, the air is not able to create the vacuum and the pump is not pumping. In this case you need to check all connections. Of course it is better to pressurize with a compressor. In the tube from the pump to the tank. And in the places where there are cracks air bubbles will appear.

Pumping the fuel in the common rail system

How to start the diesel engine in case the system of Common Rail injection is installed. It is necessary to remove the air from the tubes step by step. As a rule, a fuel filter is installed on such systems. В
which is equipped with a fuel pump. It is mainly on trucks. If all the fuel is gone from the system, you can not pump fuel with this pump.

It is also necessary to unscrew the tubes step by step all the way to the low pressure pump. And when the fuel fills the high pressure pump. The engine can not start. Because of the air in the high pressure system.

It is necessary to unscrew the tube going to at least one injector from the rail. And until there is a splash of fuel from it. Rotate the engine with the starter. Then you need to unscrew all the tubes going to the injectors ideally. But 3-4 are obligatory. And as soon as fuel starts to come out of them. Screw back in. And try to start the engine. It is very difficult to start the engine if you just turn the starter. And pump with the pump. Very rarely this can lead to a positive result. Mostly only a bad result.

Breaking the starter

High pressure pump plungers fail. It is better to spend some amount of time. And pump the system in stages. It will still get faster that way. No matter how hard you try to turn the starter, you can’t start the diesel engine. If there is air in the system, you’ll have to remove it anyway.


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